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Alright, so lately been iTunes decides to not copy some video files converted with Videora, but didn't really care till I had this video really wanted to watch. So, I check Apple Support>Do5 5Rs, which when I get upto Restore,it does nothing but copy less video files after, and 105 podcasts out of 255! GR8, how useful! Give it another try, and now it fails, and after that I cannot detect the iPod at all!!!!!!!

I did Diagnostics and it does find iPod, the program detects it but it fails a sync test, interestingly enough it doesn't show it as a device!!!!

Also, I reinstalled, cleared Registry, did the Windows Installer Clean thingie, deleted Temp, did Disk Mode, nothing. When connected, just says on iPod, connected, eject b4 disconnecting!

So, what to do?

nVidia [Custom Built], Windows XP Pro, 4xUSB2.0