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I recently purchased an Airport Express and have spent about 4 hours trying to set it up. I simply can't get it to show up so I can connect to it. Have tried with my iMac G3 CRT and my iBook G4. No luck with either. I have unplugged it several times. Nothing. I know the Airport (G3) and Extreme (G4) are working because they connect to my local network and internet. I even went as far as disconnecting the Linksys router so it would not be broadcasting, but nothing there either. I also tried connecting the ethernet cable from the modem directly. Nothing. All I want to do ie stream my iTunes to the home theater. Can anybody help? Usually, I can figure out things like this, but not this time. Not to say I am a GURU, but I set up my whole system and it seems to work OK except for this. Thanks in advance for your assistance.


iBook G4 (late) 1.2 12.1" 30GB 256MB Combo, Mac OS X (10.4.11), Also have 2 G3 iMacs 1 G3 700 & 1 G3 600 Snow