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I recently purchased an Airport Express and have spent about 4 hours trying to set it up. I simply can't get it to show up so I can connect to it. Have tried with my iMac G3 CRT and my iBook G4. No luck with either. I have unplugged it several times. Nothing. I know the Airport (G3) and Extreme (G4) are working because they connect to my local network and internet. I even went as far as disconnecting the Linksys router so it would not be broadcasting, but nothing there either. I also tried connecting the ethernet cable from the modem directly. Nothing. All I want to do ie stream my iTunes to the home theater. Can anybody help? Usually, I can figure out things like this, but not this time. Not to say I am a GURU, but I set up my whole system and it seems to work OK except for this. Thanks in advance for your assistance.


iBook G4 (late) 1.2 12.1" 30GB 256MB Combo, Mac OS X (10.4.11), Also have 2 G3 iMacs 1 G3 700 & 1 G3 600 Snow
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    More info...The light on the Express blinks amber all the time. When you first plug it in, it blinks green one time, then changes to amber solid for 20-30 seconds, then starts flashing. Thanks again for your help...

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    Well, since no one has replied, I just tackled the problem head on. I did a reset on the AirPort Express, unplugged it for two minutes, plugged it in, waited one minute, opened AirPort, FOUND IT! Thanks for the space to post questions...

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    I've been struggling with this for a long time now. Tried reset also but still no go...
    It just does not appear in Airport Utility.
    I can see the device on the network with network name of "Apple Network xxxxx" but does not show up in Airport.
    Any advice?

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    You need to select the apple network xxxxxx in your airport menu. Once connected, open up your airport utility application and it should find it and list it in the left side of the airport utility window. Click on it and then click continue and it will walk you through setting it up.

    Then you shouldn't have any problems. Just don't install the firmware update. I did and it caused problems for mine... and long story short, I had to go back to the Apple store to exchange it.
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    New AEX's seem to have some difficulty being reset and recognized in the Airport Utility. What worked for me was to turn the airport off altogether, connect the AEX to my computer with an ethernet cable and configure via the Airport Utility as normal.

    That should work a treat.