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When I turn my computer on it takes a long time to load up. I even get the blue screen before it is fully loaded. After it loads if I try to do anything it freezes and shuts down the program I am on. Why is my MacBook running slow and freezing? Can anyone help me? A friend of mine gave me this Macbook after they purchased a newer one so I do not know too much about Macs. I have used one years ago for a short amount of time and love them. I installed the new Lepoard OS a few months ago and everything has been working great up to this point. Please help me!! I am also a photographer and made the stupid choice of not backing up alot of pictures that is on my Mac so I don't want to loose them all...... Any suggestions would be greatful!!! Thank You

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.5.2)
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    (BTW you are in the Mac Mini, not MacBook, area of this forum, but we'll try to help anyway.)

    Most likely you have a problem with the hard drive, which may be minor and can be fixed with software -- or more serious and require replacement of the hard drive.

    Start by inserting your Leopard Install disc and then restart the MacBook. As soon as you hear the startup chime, hold down the C key and keep holding it down until you see the "gear" spinning on the screen. This procedure will start the MacBook from the DVD, rather than from the hard disk.

    Once you have completed startup from the DVD, don't re-install, but instead use the Utility Menu at the top of the screen to run the DiskUtility program. Click once on the Mac's hard disk listed in the left panel, then click on repair disk. If you successfully repair the disk, also click on Fix Permissions to repair that aspect of your system.

    Please report back with the results of these actions.

    Also let us know if you have recently gotten any warnings from the system about running out of room on your hard drive. That could also be an explanation of your problems. Mac OSX gets very unhappy when the disk fills up.
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    While this may be a broad MacOS problem that could just as easily be suffered on any system, you might find it better to post in the MacBook area of Apple Discussions, to see if others have the same issue or a solution that is specific to the MacBook itself. The MacBook area can be found at http://discussions.apple.com/category.jspa?categoryID=218