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This is probably a very simple question for people who are using Windows with their MAC.

What are the options for booting into Windows:

1. When you turn on the machine, you are presented with a choice to boot to windows or MAC

2. You boot to MAC, then boot to Windows while MAC si still running?

I don't have anything yet, but was wondering how it works. Also, I might be considering Fusion, so I'm curious if there are other options with that program.


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    You select one OS as default. If you do nothing default OS loads. If You press option key while booting, you select which one to use. First option you stated is not available without rEFIt software, that is unless you press the option key you are not presented with the lost of available OSes. The second option you stated is impossible for any machine without using virtualization software like VMWare or Parallels. But if you employ a virtualization software, you can run any operating system within MacOS. Altough this is good for everyday use, it can not be used for memory or processor intensive applications since bot OSes share the available resources.

    Finally, with VMWare Fusion you can run your bootcamp partition as a virtual machine. That is you can boot to windows directly or using Fusion within MacOS. The good thing is that you do not have to create both a windows partition and a virtual hard disk. Fusion can use your bootcamp partition as a virtual hard disk.