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Does anyone know if you can stream audio wirelessly via bluetooth with the Ford Sync system? I can only seem to get the phone to work via bluetooth and have to use the USB port for audio.

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  • Ansuz82 Level 6 Level 6 (8,265 points)
    The iPhone does not support the A2DP bluetooth protocol required for audio streaming.
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    Is it true that this protocol could possibly be added via software updates? I mean - did apple seriously just NOT THINK A2DP would be usefull for a portable media player/phone? Really? My crappy Nokia clamshell from 2 years ago supported bluetooth sterio......
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    It seems possible to add in a future update.

    No one knows what Apple thinks, but Apple.

    If streaming music via bluetooth is critically important to you, then the iphone may not be the phone for you. With a little research, you can find out what a phone can and can't do before purchasing.
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    Some developers for the iPhone, with the new SDK, and probably in violation of their NDAs, have reported that the firmware update appears to have A2DP support in it.

    Agreed, it's unreal that something as hip and modern as the iPhone won't do bluetooth stereo. We can hope it actually makes it into the device, assuming the hardware in the current models support it, not just the software.

    All that aside, I've decided with my iPhone, that the battery life is poor enough already that I'm not overly anxious to run the juice down any quicker by using bluetooth to stream the audio, when I can just plug the phone into the USB jack in the center console and get all the Ford Sync features of the phone AND charge the thing while in use, rather than run the battery down.

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