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I thought this would be simple, but I can't find an answer to my question: from my PC-time (it is going over now... ) I still have two external drives with data and music and videos etc. - I still use these drives on my Mac mini (1 month old), and e.g. iTunes stores its data on the FAT32 hard drive.

Well, now the question: I bought a big external drive now (LaCie 500GB - very new design), formatted it to HTF+ (that was it, right? still have to learn the name...) and started time machine... I deleted my FAT32-drive from TM's exclusion list - the NTFS-drive wasn't even displayed there. However, at the end of the initial TM backup, I clearly see that only the Mac's internal drive was backuped (only approx. 40 GB used on the backup drive - but the other external drives contain over 200 GB!
Does anyone have an idea? As far as I see, TM should backup all drives if they don't appear in the exclusion list. Is the drive format the problem? Any other people with experience?

Thanks in advance!
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