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Dear All,

When ever I am changing the album art of a particular track more then once in itunes , the album art is not showing in my ipod classic as a black screen is shown during the playback.How will I be able to rectify the problem ?

This problem is not taking place when I am adding the album art for the first time but only happens when I am changing the album art.


HP, Windows XP
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    *Rebuild artwork cache*
    Sometimes the artwork cache becomes corrupt and fails to show correct artwork, even when this is properly set up in iTunes. To rebuild the artwork cache, connect your iPod to iTunes. Locate the iPod in the Sources pane on the left-hand side, then select the Music tab. Remove the tick from *Display album artwork on your iPod*, sync the iPod, reselect the option & sync again.

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    Uncheck the checbox next to the artwork in Get Info dialog.
    Click OK to apply and dismiss the dialog.
    Eject the iPod and then connect it back (not sure if this step is absolutelly necessary).
    Get info/set new artwork.

    This should fix the album cover that was black because you changed it (like it was supposed to be changed).

    Yet another embarrasing bug like so many others...