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I have inherited an iPod Nano 1st generation from my grand daughter. My new auto now has a direct connection to use an iPod through the internal 6 speaker system.
Now, how can I erase, delete/remove my grand daughter's (age 16) musical selection?

I am 75 and cannot bear to listen to the music on this iPod.

I have an Intel iMac 2.8Ghz/w/latest iTunes v7.6.1.

PLEASE HELP? I have downloaded the manual for the iPod Nano from Apple...can anyone help me easily remove all on this iPod Nano(music and pictures)so I can place the music of my choice?
Many thanks in advance for all the help.

iMac/Intel/2.8GHz/4GRam/1T HD., Mac OS X (10.5.2)