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Roland Blaser Level 1 Level 1
Hi to all from the center part of Switzerland.
As we can't buy the offical iPhone here, I decided to shorten the waiting time by buying an Pod touch 16GB. Nice gadget but one thing is very strange. The Weather App is far from being accurate, at least for my city (Solothurn). The temperature is just wrong all the time. The error of the iPod Weather App goes up to 10 degrees centigrade while the Weather Widget on my Mac shows correct values. Why did Apple decide to use two different sources for the same service on Macs (weather widget) and on the iPod touch (weather app)? With a temperature error of up to 10 degrees I can't take the Weather App for serious. How do I know whether the service is more acceptable for other locations I'm interested in? I think for iPods and iPhones Apple should take the same, better quality source they already use for their Mac weather widget.
Cheers, Roland

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