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I want to turn off the wireless portion of my AT&T supplied 2WIRE DSL modem and hook up my AEBS so I can wirelessly extend the network throughout the building. How would I go about turning it off but still keeping it as a router to hook up the AEBS?

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  • Tim O\'Connor3 Level 1 (10 points)
    Or... in some other way bypass the 2 WIRE wireless to use the Airport Extreme?
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    Go to the 'Local network' tab.
    The right hand pane shows 'Status at a Glance'.
    Under 'Local Network' you'll see Ethernet and Wireless.
    Next to Wireless is a tab that will say 'Disable'.
    Click on that and it may (I haven't tried it) switch off WiFi.
    I'll be doing the same thing soon (I bought a Time Capsule ytesterday and will be installing it later this week).
  • Tim O\'Connor3 Level 1 (10 points)
    Then what settings do I need to do in Airport Utility to set up the AEBS?
  • Tim O\'Connor3 Level 1 (10 points)
    Once I have the AEBS connected to the 2WIRE router with the 2WIRE's wireless turned off, then what do I do to set up the AEBS correctly?
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    I came up with a partial solution yesterday when I had to migrate my Mom to U-verse:
    1) Access the 2wire modem via the web address
    2) The bottom section of the system summary will list all devices the 2-wire sees, your AEBS should be included if plugged in
    3) Select "View Home Network" - The new page will give you edit options for each device
    4) In the list section for your AEBS select "Edit Firewall Settings"
    5) Enable "DMZ Plus" and save the changes.

    This will allow your AEBS to see right thru the ATT residential Gateway/2wire modem and function just as before. After finding this setting I did not have to make ANY changes to the AEBS for full functionality. All wired and wireless functionality same as before including BTMM.

    Turn off wireless
    This is conjecture because I have not tested it yet:
    1) On the 2wire "Network Summary" setting page used to edit the firewall settings for our devices, on the right is a "status at a glance" pane with ethernet/homepna/wireless/usb device counts including a "disable" button for each
    2) Select Disable???
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    I am trying to do the same thing with my 2wire and AEBS. I don't understand how you find the 2wire via the web address or local network tab listed above. Please advise.

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    With Time Capsule, I no longer need my 2 wire wireless network. So, more complete instructions to disable the wireless portion of the 2Wire gateway while keeping the DSL ethernet live for TC, are as follows:

    +(It would seem a good idea to at a minimum make the wireless network "invisible/non-public" so that neighbors cannot see it and try to guess the encryption key. I have seen somewhere how to restrict users given access to Time Capsule network from TC files and other networked computer files. Until I get that figured out and nailed, I will enable 2 wire wireless network for guest use, but retain non-public status of it.)+

    To Disable Wireless on 2Wire gateway:Access to 2Wire 2701HG-B Gateway

    From a Computer on network:

    1. enter http://gateway.2wire.net in browser

    In Resulting Window:

    2. Click on o View the home network

    3. Under Status at a glance Click on "Disable" Button/Confirm

    To Enable wireless, repeat steps 1-3, but click on "Enable" Button/Confirm

    To make network non-public (not seen by computers in casual proximity, but requiring manual entry of network name and key to access wireless network):

    1. Utilize address above (http://gateway.2wire.net) to access

    2. Click on _Wireless Settings_

    Uncheck "Enable SSID Broadcast" Now users will have to enter the network name to access.

    BTW, the default encryption key for the 2Wire wireless net work is on the serial number sticker on the bottom of the unit.

    Best to record all this information for easy access when you need to enable the wireless network and provide network name and encryption key to a visitor.