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I could not find a better topic to put this under... I am what you would call a complete noob when it comes to coding. I do want to become a developer for the iPhone and iPod touch, but do not know the code. I have been searching the internet for advanced instruction on how to write Cocoa touch applications via Xcode, but have found nothing. I would love to learn the code and get started developing... I would love help... <Edited by Moderator>

ANY help on how to code using the Xcode utility and the iPhone SDK would be wonderful. I am eager to learn the code and MAKE applications for iPhone and Mac OS rather than use them.

iMac intel (new), Mac OS X (10.5.2)
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    Please take a look at http://techblog.muthuka.com/ for a simple tutorial. But i will keep adding it when i find it again.


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    Well, this is good for making a simple code, but I am talking about making an iPhone application from scratch. Nice tutorial, though!

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    Your best bet is to get familiar with Cocoa first and work with some apps for OS X. Once you've done that, jumping over to the iPhone isn't really that much of a leap as the principles are pretty much the same.

    To start with, you need to start looking at http://developer.apple.com and you'll find loads of stuff there to help you get started.

    If you need a book, do a search on Amazon for 'Cocoa Programming'. O'Reilly have a couple of bibles and there is a good one by Aaron Hillegass.

    Good luck.

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    SJ Rox wrote:
    I could not find a better topic to put this under... I am what you would call a complete noob when it comes to coding.

    I'm going to be honest with you here - you just aren't ready to be an iPhone developer.

    The iPhone uses a new version of Cocoa called Cocoa Touch. Its a bit tricker to program for. On top of that, you need to be well versed in Objective C to even get a program together.

    The SDK is not an "i" product - its not going to help you put a program together in a simple, intuitive way. Its a true developer tool for programers, not end users.

    My suggestion would be to get a few books on Cocoa and Objective C and start learning. If you work hard at it you might be able to get something together.
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    Thank you both... I would mark you both as helpful but It wont let me mark both of you... I will start learning and get used to making OSX applications, then start making more complex applications. After a little while I should be able to create games, utilities, etc... If I work hard I may be able to go to WWDC08! Maybe I won't learn THAT fast but thank you for your help! Any personal assistance would be wonderful, though...
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    What happened to my friend the edit button? Anyway the thread needs to be bumped... So here are the books I am thinking about getting from the library-tell me if any are not needed in learning cocoa, unix, and cocoa touch... I found C++ - the complete reference, UNIX in a nutshell, Mastering UNIX, and UNIX for dummies.
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    Look for books on Objective-C and Cocoa.
    Programming in Object-C is a good start since it covers C as well.

    You don't need C++ and unix (although they can be handy after you get a bit more up to speed)
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    Unfortunately, my public library (I live in a small town) does not have these, and I just ordered a few books about UNIX... Do you have any recommendations on a good book to get me started that I may be able to find cheaply on Amazon?

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    Books I used (and still use) are:

    Learning Cocoa with Objective-C (O'REILLY)
    Programming in Objective-C (Kochan)
    Cocoa in a Nutshell (O'REILLY)
    Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X (Hillegass)
    C Pocket reference (O'REILLY)

    Websites that will help you along the way are:

    CocoaBuilder - http://www.cocoabuilder.com
    CocoaDev - http://www.cocoadev.com

    Mailing Lists:

    Apple - lists.apple.com - CocoaDev and XCode Users

    These should more than help you get started and progressing nicely.


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    Very helpful. I think this is about solved. Thank you for your help. I will see about buying and/or borrowing as many of these as I can.