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My Ipod touch has an problem with Wi-fi i looked on the site and found a article that was about my problem...almost. All the symptoms were the same...can't conntect to safari, no IP address, etc.. But i checked and i did have Wi-fi address! I reset, restored, and sent it in...they said they couldn't find a problem...I haven't got it back yet but I know theres a problem with it...So im coming to you guys!! PLEASE HELP!!!


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  • sstaylor Level 1 (5 points)
    Where does it show an ip address on the Touch? I found the mac address, but no ip address shown on mine.
  • downinitjr Level 4 (1,435 points)
    I can tell you with about 95% certainty, there is not a problem with your ipod, but rather your wireless network, or router setup. Reset your router completely, make sure its firmware is up to date, and reset any security you have setup on it. [Guide for Wifi and iPod Touch|http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?threadID=1315137&tstart=0].
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    I don't think theres a problem with the router because I have only tried connecting at hotspots...McDonald's and the Airport,etc. and it didn't work..
  • downinitjr Level 4 (1,435 points)
    Oh thats even better, you've sent back the ipod based on trying to connect to wifi hotspots that you have no control over, and no way to verify there setup. These hotspots especially ones that require a login page to be displayed, have been problematic for people using the ipod touch. There is nothing wrong with the ipod itself, but rather the software running on it. Hopefully they will fix these issues in the v2 firmware in June, if not before.
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    Many hot spots require you to go to a specific website before getting a connection--even if it's 'free' wi-fi. Try finding out the main web page (for Starbucks or whatever), open it and see if it connects that way. Once you authenticate on their network, you should be able to close the browser and check email, stocks, etc.
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    I think apple fixed my problem i just got my ipod back and they restored it in their initial tests...so i think that fixed it thanks!!