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I don't know if anyone else has encountered this because i have looked through this forum and not found one thread on this.

Say i have an album. when I add a song to that album, itunes does not group the song i just added with the other songs in the album. I went to "get info" and changed everything. all the info in the in the track is the same. but itunes still groups the song i just added separate from the other songs in the album.

any suggestions?

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    I'm just guessing here, but it could be the track and disc numbers. I'm assuming you wanted to add a song that wasn't originally on the album, say a 10 track CD and you wanted to add track 11. Previously the track #s would be 1 of 10, 2 of 10, all of which would be disc 1 of 1. You'll probably have to go back in, and change track numbers from 10 to 11 and re-number all the other tracks to accommodate the extra one.

    I'm just guessing here though...Hope this helps!
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    ok, first, that is what i am trying to do. So i looked at the track numbers. the only track numbers there are the number of the track. its not 1 of 10 disc 1 of 1. its just 1. the others are blank. maybe if i entered that information it would group the song with the others? i need to try that too, but if there are any other suggestions, i am open to them.

    thanks again
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    Yes, try that. Be as complete as possible with track #s and even Disc #s and make sure that all the songs that you want grouped into the same album have the same album name. Sometimes they don't even if they appear they do (such as invisible spaces after the name). To do this, highlight all the songs in that album and Right-Click, Get Info, check the Album field, if there's a name, then it's all good. If there's not, then there's a discrepancy somewhere and simply re-type the Album name.
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    I don't have an answer for you, but I'd like to throw my situation into the ring. In October, I downloaded "Bones" S3 episode 1 from the "Free on iTunes". Last week, I downloaded episode 2 & 3 by paying for them. When I scroll through my TV Shows, I've got Ep1 by itself and Ep2 & 3 in a matching subset next on the list. I thought it might be folder heirarchy, but reviewing the hard drive, they're all listed in the same "Bones" folder under tv shows.
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    highlight all of the ones you want on one track. after that hit get info and delete all the info. then replace it with the information you still want or need. that should make it uniform.

    afterward you can put in the individual info for each.
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    I've found that sometimes when I try to merge the two halves of a double CD into a single album iTunes will keep one track separate from the rest - this is despite setting identical values for Artist, Album Artist, Album Title, No. of Tracks, No. Of Discs & Genre as part of the process. So far the only reliable way I've found to resolve this has been to delete the tracks from iTunes & then reimport them at which point they always group properly.

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    first, thanks for the suggestions. now, when you say delete all info, do you mean everything? even track names and numbers? because i deleted album info, genre, and artist and it still did not work. i deleted from itunes and reloaded the songs but still nothing. this one track is still by itself. i'm completely baffled by this. itunes just wont group this song with the others. i've even converted them so they all read as the same kind of file. im at a loss. all i can think of right now is to burn them to a cd and rerip them into my library, but i dont want to waste a cd like that.

    would it have something to do with the original origin of the file? the tracks that group together came from one download site (completely legal i assure you) and the file i am trying to add now is from a different download site (also completely legal). could that be the problem?

    I really don't know why this bugs me so much but it does. Any other solutions besides burning to cd would be nice. the cd is kind of a last resort.

    thanks for all the suggestions by the way
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    Uh - also Part of a Compilation should be identical for each track.... If it still won't join after removing from iTunes & reimporting then I'm stumped.

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    If none of the above suggestions worked for you, and you're willing to go to such lengths, you could Google "mp3 tag remover", use one of them and apply it to the offending song(s). Apparently, I just learned, there are some id3 tag information that a user, such as yourself, cannot edit or even see through normal means and that is proabably what's causing your difficulty.

    In another thread, someone else had difficulty playing an album (In rainbows by Radiohead)due to hidden tag information and solved it by the procedure I've outline previously, (the Google thing...).

    Please Note: I can't vouch that this will work or, God forbid, that it won't cause other difficulties down the road.
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    Yes, I meant all of it, but I may have another solution. Under (username-music-iTunes-iTunes Music) make sure there is only one folder for the band in question, and under that the album. If they are different, make only one with that music in it. Than, if that doesn't show up right in iTunes, reimport the folder.
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    Great news everyone!!!!!!
    I solved my problem!!!!!!!

    i just looked at it one more time. i right clicked on the song and noticed that the check box next to "part of a compilation" was checked so i unchecked it and, well, what do you know...

    god i feel stupid. but anyway, i just want to thank everyone for the hasty replies and suggestions. they will more than likely be helpful in the future.

    thanks a bunch
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    I registered specifically to thank you all for solving what has been a nagging problem for my iTunes library too.

    While some of the orphaned songs did not have 'part of a compilation' checked, checking and then unchecking the box helped unite separated song with the rest.

    Hope above info helps - give it a try before resorting to more extreme measures.