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Having a number of problems with Mail, but retrieving e-mail was not one of them UNTIL NOW:

I just noticed one of my POP accounts behaves in Mail as though it is being polled and new messages being downloaded, but there was NO NEW incoming mail. Then I realized I WAS getting new messages from this account on my iPhone. I checked the settings on both the iPhone and Mail and they are identical. Neither device attempts to remove the message from the server and when I access the web-mail portal all of the e-mails are still on the server.

YET, MAIL logs in and without reporting any errors, simply logs off without retrieving the new messages. What's up with that? And it's just the one account. I have three POP accounts on the same server and the other two work normally. In fact so does this one, except it doesn't actually retrieve anything. It's like Mail is trying to fool me. OK, now I sound paranoid.

But seriously, how do I fix this?

MacBook Core Duo 2.0, Mac OS X (10.4.11), 2GB RAM/160GB 7200 HD