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hi, thanks in advance for you help.
I am having a problem installing/downloading Bonjour on my windows. I need Bonjour so that i can share my printer on my mac to our windows computer. Problem is it won't install properly or run as a program. I download it from here... http://developer.apple.com/networking/bonjour/download/ it's the version 1.0.4 for windows. I download it and install it and then it tell's me to click finsh to end the setup. So i click it and it's like its gone forever. I cannot access it in all programs menu, i can however find the file program, just not use it. Now i not very computer smart so am i missing something? I realize it says 1.0.4 windows UPDATE, but when i read the "readme" it says it comes with the printer sharing and internet option. If it is just an update, can someone please help me find the link to download it or pay for it. I know this is a sad state when i can't even find or install something properly but thats why i appreciate your help. Thanks.

mac mini, 1.83 core 2 duo, Mac OS X (10.5.2)
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    Yeah. Me too. How do you use Bonjour on a WIndows machine? I just spent two hours trying to find out. Not asking for a 1,2,3 here, but can someone direct me to a place that will describe the steps.

    I have a Mac running wirelessly on Airport /n and I have to hook up someone with a WIN laptop. Totally lost.