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Problem number 1:
Sleep problem - I believe some people may be familiar with this, but maybe there's a solution out there. Sometimes my MBP refuses to wake up properly from sleep, the screen stays black but the light on the front turns off (as if the computer is on normally). In the worst case scenarios I have to perform a hard restart (holding the power button).

Problem number 2:
Guest account causes strange flickering - I've found that when the Guest account is left running in the background (to keep the settings etc.), usage on the main account get affected. In all windows, movement of objects such as website adverts, scrolling up and down and some flash videos causes the area that's moving to flicker in grey blocks. For example, the Daily Telegraph TV videos are unwatchable because the flicker blocks them.

Problem number 3:
Dithering - In case you don't know what this is, the MBP has a 6-bit screen capable of 262,000 colours. Apple claim it's an 8-bit screen (16,700,000 colors), and they make the 'millions' option available in Display Preferences by dithering. This is where the video drivers simulate the colours that the display can't show by mixing the two nearest colours by scattering pixels.
My old MacBook Pro (July 2006 Core Duo) had a matte screen and there were no dithering issues. My new LED-lit model has issues where colour gradients (such as a sunset or the aurora wallpaper in Leopard) have blotchy areas where the colours don't fade evenly.
Does anyone know if this is a hardware problem or just software?

None of these are huge problems, and to be honest, I can live with them, but I'd expect better from a £1599 computer!

MacBook Pro 15", Mac OS X (10.5.2), 2.4GHz Santa Rosa, 4GB RAM, 160GB HDD 5400RPM
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    I forget what the problems were, but here's how to troubleshoot a computer:

    Test in a new user.
    If the issue occurs in a new user account, the issue is system-wide and a reinstallation of the operating system or hardware service may be required.

    If the issue is user specific,
    There is likely a file in ~/Library/Preferences which is causing the problem. Remove the folder and test.

    If a reinstallation of the operating system does not resolve the issue, hardware repair is required.

    If removing ~/Library/Preferences does not resolve the issue, remove everything in ~/Library except for Application Support.
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    Thanks for the reply. I decided to solve that problem by simply making another (standard) account so all the settings get saved. It's only so a friend can use it whilst his computer's being repaired, so it's not a big problem.
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    I have had exactly the same issues. With the 'Aurora' desktop there are uneven, blotchy color areas, especially around the center. When I try other desktop themes it seems to go away.

    Also, the problem with the MP in the sleep mode is something that happens fairly frequently. I do have to press the start button to shut it down and then restart.

    My laptop is only 8 mos. old and I have an Apple Care Protection Plan. Should I call them? Do I have to completely delete and reload my OS?