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Just curious if anyone would know why my MacBook Pro won't read Memorex Black CD-R discs. When I insert the disk, it appears the drive is reading the disc. However, within 10 secs it ejects the disc. I have been able to read other discs like Maxell CD-Rs.


MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.2)
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    I'm having similar problems with CD's & DL-DVD's ... sometimes

    I had a pack of 20 CD's & I've used about 10 without an issue, but now my MBP wont recognise any blank CD's I put in & spits them back out after 20 seconds or so.

    I have some DL-DVD's & results are flaky at best, often I get an error about "Failed calibrating laser" (or something like that)

    Regular 4.2gb DVD's are fine, never a problem.
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    I could be wrong, but it doesn't seem like a hardware issue.
    Regular Music CD's & previously burned data CD's are fine.
    DVD's are OK too - Just seems to be Blank CD's & I have now tried 3 different brands of CD.
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    Does your drive not accept BLANK CD's or Black CDs? seems to be some confusion here. I know many of the PC's at my school are racist about the CD's that are inserted...
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    BLANK CD's - I don't expect the colour to matter, duh.
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    Well, your title says BLACK, so read before saying DUH! and color can matter with certain drives. nobody likes a smarta$$. Just take it to the apple store. they should replace ur drive if ur under warranty.
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    Just to add something--black (as in the color) discs do exist--the plastic the discs are made of is black. Well, actually, they're a very very dark red, but it appears black unless a bright light is shined through it. If it were TRULY black, then the laser couldn't read it.

    I've never tried to read a black disc in the newer SuperDrives, since I don't own any black discs. But I doubt there would be a problem with them. I would bet, however, that any laser with a shorter wavelength (e.g., Blu-Ray) would not be able to read such a disc.

    Blank discs are a different issue--if the drive fails to recognize a blank disc, it could be a hardware fault. Just go to an Apple Retail Store and schedule an appointment at the Genius Bar.
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    Firstly, I didn't create this thread, so it's not my title. In my posts I said "Blank", not "Black".
    Secondly, you're right, nobody likes a smarta55, hence the "duh" to your comment about racism. Your post seemed a little smarta55y to me - but lets not fight, ok.

    Anyway... I don't have access to an Apple store, I'd have to take a flight - so it means sending it off for a few weeks. I was hoping I wouldn't have to do that, but looks like the only option.

    Thanks for the input.

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    i r sry. thought u were o.p.