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Does anyone know if there are extra UB drum kits in Logic Pro versus Logic Express? If so, about how many? I'm thinking about upgrading and I'm wondering if I should get Battery 3 as well.
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    I am not entirely sure how many there are in addition to the ones in Logic Express but I am pretty sure that the additions are due to the Jam Packs. Logic Pro comes with all of the Garageband jam packs. More specifically the Rhythm Section Jam Pack (http://store.apple.com/1-800-MY-APPLE/WebObjects/AppleStore?productLearnMore=MA3 75Z/A), which you could buy for $99.99 instead of buying the whole pro version. As a suggestion if you are looking for that 'real' drum sound from a software instrument I would suggest buying EZDrummer (http://www.toontrack.com/ezdrummer.asp). It is a great plugin and has that real drum sound. Plus it has drum kit packs that you can buy as well. Its a great product.

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    Thanks for the info. Do you know if those jam packs are ultrabeat kits or if they are ESX kits? I wonder how they sound...

    Thanks for the soft recommendation. I am particularly interested in Battery 3 though and I would love to hear a comparison with the kits in ultrabeat if anyone knows.
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    I have both Ultrabeat ad Battery 3 installed on Logic Pro 8. I've just moved over from Express 8 and Ultrabeat appears to be consistant in both packages, with a possible exception of the Ultrabest legacy kits which I believe are Pro only. Just as a point of general information most of the Garageband instruments in Pro 8 play through the EXS24 or one of the other software instruments. This is simply because the garageband instruments are mostly scaled down versions of the full instruments found in Logic Pro. Regarding Ultrabeat and Battery 3. Battery 3 has more kits, sounds and samples than Ultrabeat. It has a particular edge when it comes to acoustic drum sounds especially if you have the studio drums expansion installed. What it lacks is a step sequencer, and while both allow alot of manipulation of samples, Ultrabeat has more of a classic drum machine feel. If you like it's more like a synth and less like a sampler. I'm personally not above programing a drum part using the Ultrabeat step sequencer and then using the resulting midi file to trigger a Battery 3 kit. Having both pretty much covers all the bases.
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    Very helpful.