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I have done nothing to my computer but I loaded up iTunes this evening to find that all my playlists and more importantly, the music, has been deleted!

Thankfully I managed to find the track on my hard drive and then imported the 'My Music' folder back into iTunes.

However, all my 'play counts' and star ratings have disappeared and so have the playlists.

Is there a way to get these back?

P4 2.4Gig, Windows XP
  • LauraJayne Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I turned on my computer yesterday and opened itunes to find all of my songs have gone, bar one that I didn't even download. Like you I didn't do anything to it...they all just vanished! If you have any luck with finding your music could you let me know please as I am not sure how to even go about trying to find it again. Thanks, Laura.
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    I'm trying to find an answer for the exact same problem. I've had ITunes for over 2 years and this is the first time it has happened to me.
  • Katrina S. Level 7 Level 7 (24,095 points)
    Do you have your music on an external hard drive, and the exHD wasn't turned on when you opened iTUnes? That could cause it.

    If not, something happened to the iTunes library.itl file.

    Make regular backups of these library files in case this ever happens again:

    You might look at the Tip section in that article about previous libraries - maybe that will recover some of your ratings, etc.
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    Cheers guys and also thanks for the info on the Library file.

    Although I was miffed that my ratings and 'times played' had been deleted, I was thankful that my music was still on the Hard Drive so I just simply imported it back into itunes.
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    umm...very new to iTunes (and to Mac,) building an iTunes Music folder from CDs mainly to have tracks to use in videomaking.

    Started recently to have tracks come up flagged with exclamation point and message box saying "original file cannot be found, do you want to search for it?" I can always locate them, but it's cumbersome.

    I haven't read the iTunes directions (don't even really know where they are...) and have probably done all sorts of things to confuse or **** off iTunes - I've moved around folders, backed up my iTunes Music folder by just dragging it onto the external hard drive and renaming it, made little special subfolders, in short, acting like the PC user I have always been...

    I know all the music I've imported is still on my Mac hard drive (and duplicated (twice) on an external hard drive,) so I'm not worried about losing it. Today I reinstalled iTunes and the new blank iTunes music folder was working fine. Ripped 2 CDs and their tracks were accessible, no exclamation points. But when I lassoed, highlighted and dragged all the album icons from one of the backup folders into the new iTunes Music folder, they had the same old problem.

    Is there a way to import, copy/paste, drag or otherwise transfer the music from my backup folder into the new iTunes Music Folder so that iTunes will understand that they are there? Or, at worst, how should I proceed from now on? What would be the correct way to back up the iTunes Music Folder? (And what's the difference between the Music Folder and the Library, BTW?)

    And is there anywhere I can read about this in some systematic way?

    sorry for long post, thanks for any help...

  • Katrina S. Level 7 Level 7 (24,095 points)
    Sober1977, please report this to Apple!
    Use iTunes > Help > Provide iTunes Feedback.

    This happens quite a bit - library files getting corrupted - and maybe they can provide some insight, or at least get an idea of how prevalent it is, if eveyone reports it when it happens.

    Give them a link to this discussion topic, when you do:
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    Mine is doing the same, it has corrupted my files, I have also had a bunch of sound clips in there that have been lost, is there any way to restore these files, What is the deal?
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    Same thing happened to me tonight. I received an email from the itunes store about preordering the "flight of the Conchords self-titled album - clicked on the 'check it out button' and found that all of my playlists had disappeared as had my podcast albums - and more importantly my most recently purchased new Moby album "Last Night"!