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For months I was syncing with my computer at home for music and videos, then I bring my iPhone to work and sync my Outlook Contacts and Calendar.

Now, when I plug in my iPhone on my work computer, everything operates as it used to, it still says it's syncing contacts, then syncing the calendar, but after it's done, when I look at the calendar or contacts in my iPhone, nothing has changed. It's simply not syncing with Outlook anymore, even though the status bar at the top of iTunes says it is syncing.

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    Since posting, I have also completely removed and re-installed iTunes per the instructions given on the support page.

    There are no other COM add-ins in Outlook, except for the iTunes Outlook Addin.

    I tried syncing again, it still doesn't work.

    Again, at the top of iTunes, while it's syncing, it does say "Syncing Contacts", then "Syncing Calendar" but it doesn't "really" sync them. Nothing changes.
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    It appears I have solved the issue myself and thought I would share the solution in case anyone runs into this problem.

    In Outlook, I only have one profile. However, Outlook somehow had some settings changed where it prompted me for which profile I wanted to use each time I started Outlook (even though I only have one profile). Because it was prompting me to choose when I start Outlook, I am guessing that when iTunes tried to access Outlook, it was also prompting iTunes to choose which profile to use as well. Since iTunes didn't know which profile, it wasn't syncing properly (note, iTunes never asks you which profile you want to use).

    To fix this, I went to the control panel, double clicked the mail icon, clicked the button that says "Show Profiles". I highlighted the only profile I have listed in the drop-down menu and checked the box that says "Always use this profile".

    I then sync'd iTunes with my phone and the calendar and contacts finally updated!