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I'm using an Alesis iO26 Audio Interface plugged into the 1394 port. Mac side works great but I have to shut down my wireless connection to my router on the WinXP Pro side to stop audio stuttering. If I disable all the RealTek stuff in my Device Manager as well as the BlueTooth and Marvell Yukon Ethernet controller and set the Performance Options to Background Services, will I generate other unexpected problems?

My whole purpose of using WinXP Pro is to run SONAR 7. There are workarounds in Mac but after 10 years of Cakewalk, I don't want to learn another DAW. Has anyone done this??


Macbook 2.4gig Penryn w/4gig memory, Hitachi 200gig 7200rpm hd WinXP Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.2), Leopard 10.5.2 & Windows XP Pro via BootCamp