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Here is a good one!

I lost my PC system disk, however, I had previously sync'd all my pictures to my Iphone and my son's Ipod Touch. Now obviously I lost all the pictures on my computer system disk.

however, they are backed up on my Iphone and also my son's ipod touch. Now the question is this. Is there a way that I can extract the photos from the iphone or ipod touch and copy them back to my computer. I'm not talking about copying only the pictures that were taken with my Iphone, but the pictures that were sync'd from my computer to the iphone.

It would be a shame that I have all those pictures on there and I can't get to them. In the mean time I have rebuilt my PC system disk and installed itunes, but selected not to sync my photos, so that I don't lose the photos from the iphone.

Anybody have any ideas? Is there a back door process on how to get these pictures?

-Julian Sandoval
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