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starsky133 Level 1 Level 1
About a week ago I had some trouble with my computer and my ipod battery was dead, but I couldnt charge it. Thats not my problem right now, but before that happened I set a new password. After a week without using it I forgot the password. Now after guessing too many times my ipod says "iPod Disabled. Connect to iTunes."

When I connect to itunes it says it cant recognize it because there is a password. It says to unlock it first. What do I do?

1.1.4, Windows Vista
Solved by dunnobro on Apr 8, 2008 7:44 PM Solved
i know how if you still havent figured it out...plug in the ipod and hold home and power. then a screen will pop up that shows the connector cord and itunes logo. the ipod screen will show up on itunes and tell you to restore, and restore...
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