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I don't know if this is the right forum for this but...
My 24" iMac running 10.5.2 won't start up. Meaning I can't get past the grey screen. I fsck the disk in single user mode and got back "invalid nobe structure (4,19621)" and repairs failed, then quickly shut down. As I understand it the (4,19621) means that the file with catalog node ID 19621 in the Catalog B-Tree portion of the disk directory has an invalid extent entry. I might be wrong here. If any knows how to correct that problem that would be helpful. But thats not the real problem.

I should add I tried to boot from the install DVD and repair the disk with disk utility and it would not repair the disk either.

Disk Utility recognizes the disk as "232.9 GB AAPL Firewire Target Media" and thats all while in target disk mode.

The real problem is the disk won't mount in firewire target disk mode. I would like to try to recover some of the fills that I haven't backed up mainly in my documents folder or repair this problem.

I am going to install (well not me) a new hard drive Monday and have a fresh and new system but in the mean time I would like to try to recover some of my files if possible.

I should add the one time it did mount, all the folders were there but none of the files. And it gave no worrying. I checked the S.M.A.R.T. status and the start up volume yesterday and got the report the disks seems to be okay.

Any help in getting the disk to mount in firewire target disk mode to repair and/or recover some files would help.

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    There is no need for a new HD, a good format and re-install will be enough as the drive itself is not damaged, the software is.
    Try DiskWarrior on it if you can, it can fix the problem with 90% certainty.
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    I have and em trying Diskwarrior. It freezes and I get the spinning beach ball at the point Diskwarrior says "Inspecting disk" and Step 1: Searching entire disk in final rescue attempt.
    It has been at that point for about an hour now and the progress bar is not moving.
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    I have never not been able to repair a volume with Disk Warrior unless there was something wrong with the drive. The message you received probably means that there are bad blocks in certain areas of the drive where volume data resides and DW cannot read/fix or salvage those files. The other error message I've seen is Speed inhibited by Disk malfunction. Both means the drive is bad. Hopefully it will give you a preview of the salvaged volume and let you copy files from it to another drive.

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    Thank you for the reply. That was the best and most logical reply.

    DW never got to that point if thats what you are talking about nor did it get past "Inspecting disk" and Step 1: Searching entire disk in final rescue attempt". After hours of the beach ball spinning.

    I am not within my apple care 3 years time frame. When they replace the hard drive tomorrow they said they might be able to recover some of my data in my Users folder.

    Do you think that is possible?

    That is more what I am worried about at this point. All of my important files have been back up there are just a few that weren't.

    You confirmed what I was thinking. Thanks
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    I'm really not sure what methods they will use to try and recover your files but from what you said the disk is in pretty bad shape from a user stand point. If not you could always ask them for your old hard drive back and send it to a data recovery shop where they recover data from failed drives but at the cost of an arm or a leg. Good luck. http://www.harddrive911.com/

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