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I have recently bought a Samsung 22" LCD SyncMaster 2232BW to add as a second display to my macbook.

I have the choice to hook it up through the VGA or DVI connector. At present im using the apple mini DVI to VGA connector and the quality looks good. I was wondering if I were to swap it over to DVI whether or not I would see an marked improvement.

I would like to know the pro's and cons of both VGA and DVI and whether it's worth swapping my apple VGA connector for the apple mini DVI to DVI and using the DVI cables also supplied with the monitor.

Thanks for any advice you might be able to offer.

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    DVI will generally support higher resolutions than VGA. If you want to run your Samsung at
    1600x1200, for instance, DVI is the way to go.
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    Some external monitors will cause a drop in wireless Internet connection speed when hooked up to the MacBook through their DVI connection.
    See this thread:
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    I made the switch and it looks great.


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    That's why I love this Discussion Forum: most of the time this first time and somewhat always slightly intimidated Mac owner can get any question I have about my Mac answered.

    I just replaced my 19 inch dead lcd with a 22-inch Westinghouse L2210NW. ok, not the most recognizable name in the industry, but specs are good, and price at Best Buy ($229.), I couldn't resist. Bought an additional 3 yr service policy(29.99) figure I'm covered for 4 years-much better than the 14 month old 1 year warranty monitor I just replaced.

    wow. Out the box, couldn't be more wow'd. Colors are brilliant, size is huge! This monitor does have DVI>VGA and
    I am using the Mac DVI ->VGA adapter/connector. A few reviews I have read about this monitor stated changing to DVI even more impressionable-I can't hardly imagine. SO: Please advise or confirm: I need only replace the cable/vga came with the monitor: out the box it readily plugs into the white adapter at the back of my Mac Mini. So my new DVI cable should plug directly into my Mac, not needing the converter? Can you give me a ball-park figure on what this new cable should cost. And finally, it is worth it?
    thanks for any input, and as always, your time!