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I have a 3 year old imac G5/1.8/20". Have had the "goes into sleep/won't wake" problem starting to occur,
so - after reading here I reset the SMU, zapped the PRAM, ran the disk utility off of the start-up DVD. Disconnected all cables except the keyboard, etc. Seemed to work fine, left it on for the day kept checking and waking from sleep, all is good. Plug all cables back and use for 3-4 hours, Next day boots right up use it, leave - come back to find the power supply light flashing on/off at 1 second intervals, also a very soft metallic pinging noise, won't reboot, Grab the laptop start reading some more...
Unplug, pull the back cover off to test the LEDs, reset the SMU again--- The #2 Led is flashing on/off and pinging will not reset/ will not boot up
Is this what the test page considers momentary? Is the power supply gone bad?

Also spoke to apple cust. service - not in the recall program, switches me to a tech, who reads the same test page to me & does not know what this flashing indicates

Could use some direction on what next

imac G5/1.8/20", Mac OS X (10.4.11)