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Dawn Roberts Level 1 Level 1
I tried some suggestions here by sending a photo by MMS to my email, then emailing a photo back to the senders mms email address. No picture message to that mobile phone. Tried two different phones, both also O2 by the way.

So what is the generic email standard for UK (O2) when we want to send an picture to another mobile phone using our email? Does anyone know?
  • Peter. Vandoorn Level 1 Level 1
    iPhone doesn't do MMS.

    The only way to get photos out is to email them and then hope that the receiving phone can accept emails and read the attachments.

    As far as I know, there is no email-to-MMS bridge provided by O2, but there might be others that do. Try Googling!
  • leecab Level 1 Level 1

    I just try to send a mms with a photo from a sim free mms phone O2 payg sim .. to my iphone 02.

    Only option was to sent it by putting in a phone number. / recipient/s.

    but i had to add my email address to contracts to that phone, when i went back to that option , my email address pop up as well,

    lol but a message pop up on the phone unable to send multi media message.

    sort of defeats the object sending mms to email address from the sender

    though i don't find much use mms

    looks like the peter is right ..nou't on O2
  • leecab Level 1 Level 1
    If someone does send you an MMS though, you get an SMS notification from O2 that let's you view it with a desktop browser at http://www.o2.co.uk/m/ so you can view inbound messages there and save images that way.

    But if you're using your iPhone you can always hop over to http://iapps.co.uk/o2mms/ instead of http://o2.co.uk/m/ - works much better Wink

    You will be able to download Images from the web from June when the 2.0 software comes out, I think it's like activating the wiggling icons on the homepage, hold down on an image and you will get a page curl with the options of viewing the image separately or downloading it to the photos folder.

    Now if only 02 would make a decent web interface that was iPhone compatible that would be nice and not like the pain in behind version we have to use at the moment.

    All it would need would be a simple login screen
    a list of messages click on the one you want then takes you straight to the photo

    this might work , but thats one way ..incoming

    Also i have find a neat trick with o2
    SMS Delivery reports.
    Put *0# at the start of each SMS message.