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Can I connect Apple TV to an Cinema 23" Display. I know it has DVI capability, but is it as simple as buying an HDMI to DVI cable. Sorry if this has been posted before, but I couldn't find any clear answers.
Thanks in advance.

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  • Rudegar Level 7 Level 7
    but if it dont support HDCP you may get
    "Your Apple TV is not authorized to play this content"
    when trying to play DRM video material
  • Greg Hodge Level 1 Level 1
    Yes, it's as simple as that

    I would like to get some clarification here as I am curious as well. Are you saying that you have actually connected a 23" Cinema Display to an Apple TV with success and that you used this cable? Or, are you pointing out that the cable is available that that you think it might possibly work but don't know for sure? If you have actually combined these two I would be quite interested in understanding how the image is displayed, eg is the 1080 height centered within the 1200 pixel monitor height like some of the HD/SDI to DVI converters?

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    I used an HDTV not a Cinema Display. But yah it just worked. I do not know about playing rented movies however, and after reading Rudegar's post the OP should do some more digging to see what the issue is with copyrighted movies.

    The TV I have now has HDMI so I won't be able to test the rented movie over DVI
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    I used that cable to connect my ATV to a samsung 20" LCD. Looks great. Works just fine. Plays video very smoothly. I used 720 p and 1080i
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    Thanks for the replies.
    I called Apple and they have advised ATV is not compatible with 23 Cinema. They said the cable will not do the job. I have wasted my money as I should have spent the £600 on an HDTV. Crumbs.
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    Unfortunately your situation is different, you are using a tv via DVI and the OP is asking about using a monitor with DVI. Personally I think there may be inherent issues with this set up, apart from the fact that DVI doesn't support HDCP and a computer monitor has an AR of 16:10 and not 16:9, I have to wonder where you would put that software that comes with a monitor which you would ordinarily load onto your computer to make the monitor work with it.

    I haven't actually tried using a monitor so I can't be all that sure, but I'd certainly be cautious about whether this works or not until I'd received information from someone who actually has this set up.
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    Have you tried it? It's only $20 USD.

    The are two types of DVI - single link and dual link. The cable apple carries is single link, but dual link DVI to HDMI cables exist. The single link cable should work, but if it does not, try a dual link.

    Don't give up yet..
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    the only thing a dual linked dvi offer is higher then 1600_1200 res
    it dont have anything to do with HDCP support of the device
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    1. The ATV doesn't need HDCP to work. My Samsung 20" Syncmaster 204T does NOT support HDCP, yet works just fine with an HDMI to DVI cable and the ATV.

    2. Some monitors will only work with dual linked DVI cables. I don't know if the Apple Cinema 23 is one of these.

    So, T suggest that the OP at least try the cable.