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It's always greyed out. So, how do I add a friend to my "Buddy List"?

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    I had a same problem. Open ichat than click on ichat (on the top bar) than click on preferences, select accounts and click on the + sign at the bottom left hand corner, add your account information (aol instant messenger or .mac) and password, now your account is set up and you can add buddies to your list.
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    Thanks for your help. But, I already have an account I've had one for years, so, I'm not trying to open a new one. I'm just trying to add a buddy to my buddy list. It's always grayed out for some reason no matter what I try. Have any other tips?
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    Sounds like you are not logged in to AIM fully.

    Go to Users/(your account)/Libray/Preferences and delete com.apple.ichat.AIM.plist and restart iChat.

    Try changing the port in iChat > Preferences > Account s > AServer Settings to 443 (from 5190)

    Also make sure your routing device allows port 5190 on UDP to get Buddy List feedback (even if you change the TCP Login port)

    10:18 PM Monday; April 7, 2008
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    Thanks, Ralph. Deleting the .plist you advised worked out perfectly! Thanks again!! One question.....need I worry about the .plist being removed?

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    Worry ?


    Thanks for the points.

    6:43 PM Tuesday; April 8, 2008
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    Hi Ralph, I have tried deleting my Jabber and AIM accounts from iChat, quitting it, then deleting all plist files. But I still have the greyed out Context menu under 'Buddies'.
    I'd be massively grateful if you could explain in a bit more detail about how to configure the ports on my router and what the relationship is between them and the TCP/UDP settings.
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    Certain menus in iChat change what is active or in some cases change the menu depending which of the iChat windows is the Front one.

    The Add Buddy will grey out in the Buddies menu if the front window is a text Chat window and the Buddy is already in the Buddy List.
    It should change to read the Buddy's name as well.
    If they are not in the Buddy List then their Name should still appear but the line should now be dark text (Active)

    The Plus sign to Add Buddies or groups at the bottom of the Buddy list should never grey out. (Apart from the Bonjour List that self discovers local Buddies and does not have the Plus sign)

    If you are not logged into the AIM server the Buddy List will not drop down and fill in with at least On-Line buddies.
    However if you are someone that hides the Buddy List for screen space and bring iChat to the Front anyway the Add Buddy item will appear greyed out.

    As the Login is largely controlled by the com.apple.ichat.AIM.plist this is why this one should be deleted to correct any faulty login and iChat should be restarted to do so.
    If this does not cure it and neither does deleting all the .plists and the Buddy List appears to be displaying properly then we have to look elsewhere.

    Are you Logged in to AIM and do you see the rest of your Buddies ?
    Do any of the scenarios seem to fit what is going on for you ?

    6:39 PM Saturday; May 17, 2008