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I am currently on an iMac G4 running OS 10.4.11 with an Airport card v9.52. It recognizes wireless networks, but will not gives me an error and/or does not recognize my password for my Belkin mimo wireless router.

When I try to connect, it prompts me for my password, but only gives me the option of selecting WPA Personal. I can currently connect to the internet via my PC wirelessly, so not sure what the problem could be. Please help!

G4, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    I have had problems with Airport not giving the option to respond to the appropriate form of encryption, but I only recall that the problem was eventually solved. Try going into System Preferences/Network/Airport, and playing with the setting that are available. To do this: (1) open System Preferences, and click on the Network icon (the gray globe) on the "Internet & Network" line; (2) on the 2nd line ("Show") of the Network menu, choose "Airport"; (3) on the 3rd line, highlight "Airport". The 4th line will give your Airport ID (aka MAC address), but you want the 5th line, which will give the choice of "Automatic" and "Preferred networks". Play around with this; it might help.