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iTunes used to work, then I tried to upgrade to the lastest version.

a) Yes, I tried deleting and installing the standalone Quicktime.
b) Yes, I tried deleting itunes and quicktime and reinstalling with reboots.
c) Yes, I tried the Windows standalone deinstaller followed by a Quicktime reinstall.
d) Yes, I ran every cleaner (including CCleaner) to delete temp files.
e) Yes, I tried deleted the Quicktime folder and the two DLLs in windows/system32.
f) I have searched the user and apple databases and tried everything I could find.

iTunes displays the error message, and then when I click OK I get (garbage) text only on my desktop and have to shutdown the iTunes taskbar to get rid of it.

I've tried repairs, reinstalls, reinstalls with the standalone version, etc.

Any ideas?