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I'm on a PowerMac G4 Digital Audio version without a built-in modem. I already have a Linksys wireless network set up between my Mac and PC laptop. So... I don't want to use the wireless networking on the Airport...

I just want to configure the Airport Base Station to use the built in 56K modem so that I can fax directly off the Mac. I did that on my old computer that had a built in modem, but I need to know how to configure this G4 and Base Station modem to perform this task.

Please help me connect the right wires (does the G4 connect to the base station with USB?). Then the power cord, and an RJ11 line from the phone to the airport base...

And what software (the used airport I bought doesn't have a software disc).

Thanks for any help!

PowerMac G4 Digital Audio, Mac OS X (10.4.8)