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Hello everyone. I apologize in advance for the poor grammar below. Trying to figure this out has made me quite exhausted.

Yesterday I closed out of itunes, and when i went to open the program later it would not launch. So i tried upgrading it. That didn't work. So i uninstalled it, then reinstalled it. that didn't work either. I also tried disabling the norton fire wall and trying to open the program, but I had no success. I spent a good 3 hours yesterday reading things from this forum about itunes not opening, and trying everything i could to get it to work, but it failed to open.

the interesting thing is, when i do ctrl alt delete, and go to the "processes" tab, itunes.exe is listed as running, but itunes is not listed under the application tab with my other running programs like norton internet security, and aim.

So if any one could share any possible solutions they may have, please do so. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

HP, Windows XP, 180 gig hard drive, 512mb ram
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    I've had this same exact problem quite often ever since the update to version on Windows Vista Home Premium. The only solution I have found is to go into Task Manager and find the two I-Tunes processes that are running and END those two processes. I don't know what other problems doing this could cause and it is VERY annoying! It might be a good idea to reboot after fixing it. I hope this gets fixed soon.

    Maybe this Apple's way of punishing me for not installing Safari