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MrClod Level 1 Level 1
I allowed iTunes to automatically update my 8G touch from 1.1.2 to 1.1.4. It never finished the upgrade (waited 4+ hours on broadband).

I had to disconnect and go home.

Now I’ve been trying to force this to restore. I can get the restore to start, but this time I am at 5+ hours and waiting. See the little updater circle rotating, but still waiting.

iPodUpdater.log always seems to stop at:

libusbrestore: 0×12F4, 12:21:25.375] => : operation 13 progress 98

If I unplug, well then I have to start all over.


iPod Touch, Windows XP Pro, iTunes 7.6.2
  • Mitch 751 Level 6 Level 6
    Mac OS X
    It is wired. Normally, it should be completed within 10 minutes at most.

    No sure whether it is a problem of your boardband or the computer. Why not do a Restore on a friend computer and see what happen?
  • MrClod Level 1 Level 1
    Used second computer and let the restore go for about 12 hours. Still stopping on the same message in the log file.

    Time for a visit to apple "genius" bar I think.
  • Mitch 751 Level 6 Level 6
    Mac OS X
    try the following

    1.For Window computer
    Go to folder “My Computer”
    Hope you can see your iPod there and right click on the iPod
    Choose “Format”. Ensure the settings are at “Default” and that “Quick Format” is not checked
    Now select “Format”
    Eject your iPod and do a Reset
    Open the iTunes 7 and click “Restore”

    If does not work then try to find a Mac computer and do a Restore there.

    Otherwise, please go and visit the genius bar
  • MrClod Level 1 Level 1
    Using XP Pro. Not able to see it in the explorer window. It does let me know that hardware is available (or connected though).