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Let me explain the setup first. 95% of the time, my MacBook Pro (2.2 GHz Santa Rosa) is running lid closed connected to an external 20" Cinema Display, keyboard and mouse. Normally, the laptop will go to sleep after 5 minutes of inactivity, noted by the glowing light on the latch.

I restarted my MBP last night, and it proceeded to go through the shut down process and restart. The starting chime can be heard, but there was no image on the monitor, just black. I opened the lid to start troubleshooting the issue. Blank screen on the MBP as well. I held the power button down and forced another restart, to no effect. Still a blank screen. I disconnected everything from the MBP and tried again. Still a blank screen. I've reset the PRAM, and also the Power Management setting. Still not working.

From as best I can tell, the MBP is booting up with no problem, I just have a black screen, so the computer is currently unable to be used in any capacity. I let the computer start up, and run for several minutes. I then sent the keyboard command to log off, and I could hear the computer activity increase.

I have not installed anything recently, I did note that there was a firmware release yesterday, but I've yet to install it.

One thing to note is that the light on the latch is very bright when the lid is closed, but grows much dimmer when the lid is opened. Maybe I haven't noticed this before, but it struck me as unusual.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.2), w/ Apple 20" Cinema Display
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    Welcome to the Forums!

    Did you try Safe Boot? Start up your Mac while holding down the Shift key.

    Also, try running the Apple Hardware Test by booting from Install DVD 1 (insert disc, reboot with the d key pressed).

    Hope this helps...
  • rebooter Level 1 Level 1
    Unfortunately, there was no luck with either suggestion. I can definitely hear the DVD running when I booted off of it, but the laptop display is still off.
  • dannirid Level 1 Level 1
    i have EXACTLY the same problem! I have a macbook pro with 20 cinema display, and i use it exactly as you do. Only difference is, i installed the firmware update, then closed the lid to the laptop, i didnt think any of it, i wanted the image on the cinema display, but then it turned completly black.

    ive tried restoring the firmware, also did all the things rebooter did.. there is light in my keyboard when i press capslock, i can pres the eject key on the keypad and it still ejects the cd, i can turn the volume down and hear the sound of that... only thing i dont get it is the start up chime as rebooter get... my macbook pro is from october 2007 and has worked PERFECTLY since i bought it.

    HELP!!! i have very important work on my harddrive, and i simply need to get it out!
  • dannirid Level 1 Level 1
    anyone experianced any similar problems as me and rebooter ??
    i just delivered my mbp to the apple retailer i bought it, and it will take about a month to get it back, didnt have time to try anything else, since ive basicly tried EVERYTHING already

    as i wrote, the screen is completly black, i can adjust the sound, the is NO start up chime, if i press CAPS LOCK it lights, and i can transfer files from it via firewire to my old macbook .. for me it sounds like the display is dead, but its very strange since it only happended after i upgraded the firmware, and mistakenly closed the lid in the process (as i wanted to view the screen on my cinema display instead).

    Thank you for your reply.
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    I'm having the same exact issue. My problems also began while installing the firmware upgrade. I tried shift-reboot to no avail. Unless someone posts a solution today, I'll be calling Apple Support tonight after work.
  • dannirid Level 1 Level 1
    oh okay, so im not the only one.. i called apple support, no help, told me to reset PVRAM, pmu etc, but didnt work. Then told me to bring it to the service shop. I also tried the firmware restore cd from apple, but didnt work ether. I brought it into the service this morning.. if its a problem that more people have, i wonder what you can do .. because the service place properly cannot fix it then ??
  • dhensley Level 1 Level 1
    I am hoping that we can somehow find a fix without having to take it in for repair. I'm going to be pretty frustrated if an Apple firmware update causes me to lose my computer for a month.
  • dhensley Level 1 Level 1
    Just found this on the support site:

    In the unlikely case that your computer displays a black screen after starting up, you can restore your computer's firmware back to factory condition. Follow the directions here to restore your firmware.

    Here's the link. The only problem is, you must create the restore cd on another Mac. My second computer is a PC. Does anyone know how I can work around this issue?
  • rebooter Level 1 Level 1
    I'm in the same boat. Only PC's around. One curious thing is that I didn't install the firmware, unless it was installed automatically without any notification. If that's the case, I'm going to have to turn off Software Updater in the future.

    I'm hesitant to try to install a firmware fix, when I'm not sure that's the issue. It sure sounds like the issue, but I don't want to make things worse than they are.
  • dannirid Level 1 Level 1
    i have a macbook too, and i tried to do what apple suggested, but it just loads on the cd and the screen i still black ...
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    I'm another in the same situation. I use a 30" external and did the update with the lid closed. Now I just get a blank screen, both internal and external. The firmware restore CD did not help - it never finished and there was no reboot. With no screen I can't tell why it failed.

    If you find a solution, please let everyone here know.

  • dannirid Level 1 Level 1
    the solution, for me, was to send it to apple and tell them to fix it, as i tried everything humanly possible.. if u have a firewall cable, you can backup your work before you turn it in... i have no more ideas about solving the issue, as i tried everything.. now i must wait almost 4 weeks to get my dear dear macbook pro back.. i am NEVER installing software updates before reading what other people experiance.. i learned my lesson
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    It's my first post....
    I have the same problema..after upgrading the efi firmware (lid closed and external monitor) black screen and no video signal at all. I started another mac (my home imac 24) with the hardrive of the macbook pro and I saved all information..the hard disk is ok...i hear the sound of the keys etc..but no fix..if someone has some solution please post it!
    Thank you in advance
  • Smarty_81 Level 1 Level 1
    I am having a similar problem with my macbook pro:

    when it has been is sleep mode for a while, I cannot get the
    screen to come back on without restarting the machine.
    Everything else seems to function – caps lock, button lights
    etc. but not the screen.

    Thanks in advance if anyone can give me a solution.

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