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H-264 movie made for web distribution. My best video compressor only creates AIF audio files ... which are mighty big.

I made an MP3 audio file in Logic.

I replaced the original AIF audio in the Quicktime movie with the MP3 audio ... (which is 23 megs smaller) but 'info' says the QT movie is still the same size.

How can I replace audio track in QT movie (with a smaller size audio track ... and see the difference registered in the QT movie 'info'?

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  • QuickTimeKirk Level 9 Level 9
    Open your audio/video QuickTime file and then open the the Movie Properties window.
    Highlight (single click) on the "Video" track and "Extract" (upper left of that window) to make a new video only version.
    Open your audio QuickTime file, select all (Command-A) and copy (Command-C). This stores your audio track on the Clipboard.
    Switch back to your "extracted" video track, select all (Command-A) and choose "Add to Selection & Scale" (Edit menu).
    Test this file and then "Save As" to make a self contained QuickTime .mov file from these parts.