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Brent Sharpe Level 1 Level 1
30GB iPod stuck on pause during a podcast w/ screen still showing. Non-responsive to anything pressed on the dial nor the headphone jack nor the charge/uplink jack. Help!
  • rahul_creature Level 1 Level 1
    Looks like the iPod is frozen
    Just need to reset the iPod its a simple troubleshooting step
    Toggle the hold button ( you will find the hold button on top left corner of the iPod ) back and forth for three to four times make sure you don't see the red colour on the hold switch...
    Once that is done place the iPod on a flat surface and press and hold the menu and the middle button at the same time untill you see a Apple logo on the iPod screen, once you see the logo let go the buttons and the iPod will restart itself and the iPod should work after that

    If that doesn't resolve the issue then you might need to restore the iPod using iTunes ( if the ipod is showing up in iTunes ) and the link for that would be
    if that does not fix the issue then the iPod would need a service
  • Tim Hassett Level 1 Level 1
    You know, I'm having this exact same issue with my 30GB iPod. I downloaded a long (1.5 hour) podcast, and when I fast forward to where I left off (40 minutes into the podcast for example), the podcast plays for about 2 minutes, and then completely locks up for about 1 minute, and repeats this cycle. I have done a reset and full restore, and still have the same issue.