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Evan Sickler Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)
I recently purchased a Macbook Pro with Leopard preinstalled. I have ran software update and everything is up to date. When I try and download artwork for my albums in iTunes I get the following: Artwork for <album> could not be found. An unknown error occurred (-609) I see that this question has gone unanswered on the forums here. I would appreciate any help. Reboots have not worked, signing in and out of the iTunes have not worked either. Those are the only "solutions" I have seen. Thanks.

Macbook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.2)
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    The iTunes store does a very poor job of adding album art. Google the artist and find the album. If you click on the album you will usually get a larger better picture which you can drag and drop to your desktop. To add the art work to you songs select the songs and do a command(Apple) I. A window will appear with the album name and etc. On the lower right hand side there will be a square entitled
    "album art". Drag the art that you have found and dragged to the desktop and drag it to that square. It takes a moment or two for the system to complete the task but soon you will have album art for each song in the album. This system is much better than hoping that the iTunes store figures things out. It took me some time to clean up the mess they made when I tried to get art work thru them.
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    Yeah, I know that. I've gotten plenty of my missing artwork that way. This is something different entirely. Albums that I know iTunes has the artwork for are not downloading. Thanks though for your reply.
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    I'm getting exactly the same error.

    I'm still using the Tiger operating system and iTunes version 7.6.2 (9).

    If it's any help,the problem seemed to start after I installed the latest updates.
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    Does anyone from Apple actually respond on these forums or this only customer to customer help? I suppose I could call this one in cause it doesn't look like this issue is getting a resolution here.
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    Having read some of the other posts on here, there seem to be a few unresolved issues that have surfaced after installing the latest iTunes updates. I guess this is just one of them.

    I'm just going to just keep checking my software updates and hope that a corrective patch becomes available. I know it's not an instant answer but it's probably the only course of action we have, as no technical solution seems to be available.
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    I had the error -609 problem, but when I reboot my PC the problem goes away. Well, for a little while anyway. Anytime I load new files into ITUNE and search for the artwork, I have to reboot after I add the folder with the new files.