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I have lots of posts on this topic on various forums – but no resolution. I think at this point I understand the problem, but do not have a solution.

The Problem:
Failure to connect to a Wi-Fi network using WEP authentication. It seems to be quite widespread from the number of posts I have seen from frustrated users.

Suggested resolutions to date:

1) Turn on WEP Hex instead of the default WEP ASCII when setting the
a. I think this advice is out of date as this option is not available in
current (1.2.2 & later) firmware. I think too that this advice relates
to a time when there was a problem entering a HEX WEP key.

2) Type a $ sign in front of the hex WEP key.
a. Like #1 above I believe this advice relates to a time when there was
difficulty with entering HEX keys.

3) Use WPA or some other form of authentication
a. Not a viable solution when you do not control the network – e.g. in a
corporate setting

What I think the root cause is:

Apple provides now way to specify a WEP key index. I believe that the key index associated with a key default to 1. People with corporate networks rotate different keys and indices with settings like:

Index Key
1 aabbccddee
2 0011223344
3 00aa11bb22
4 0a1b2c3d4e

So if my key is 0a1b2c3d4e it will be set as index 1, (by my iPhone), and not 4 as it should be.

I have observed that when my key index is actually one that my iPhone will connect.

I think that Apple need to add a key index field to the WEP connection dialog.

iPhone 8GB