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shaishoo Level 1 Level 1
My macbook (intel core duo) just crashed a few days ago. This is what it's doing:

The screen displays a a flashing folder with a question mark. I did find an article in apple for that : http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=58042

But the think is, it (macbook) turns off after a while. I did try to boot up with the installation CD, but it can't find my hard drive. So, I thought it must be a hard drive problem. And I could hear that the hard drive makes a noisy sound. So, before I run to bestbuy or futureshop to get a new hard drive, I wanna make sure that it's really the hard drive that went kaput!

I was trying to install the leopard. It just crashed when I went surfing, and editing on iMovie.

Black Core duo, Macbook
  • chrisinlondon Level 1 Level 1

    I've had this same problem before. In fact, i just replaced my hard drive for a second time a few days ago.

    The issue seems to be with some models of seagate hard drives.

    Basically, your hard drive is now useless and you need to replace it. If you're under warranty then i'm sure Apple will oblige otherwise just do what I did and buy yourself a new hard drive (they're cheap and easy to install).

  • shaishoo Level 1 Level 1
    Thanks Chris... I'll do that. I didn't know that seagate has some issues with their hard drives.

    Nope - warranty was till last January. I'll just go and get a new hard drive.
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    wow,newfee on Mac since 4 months...never had so much problems,worst than my pc.Brand new PowerBook,Os 10.5.2 , 2 gig ram....and the box crashes every 30 to 45 minutes ,with the nice transparent command to close the computer and start again....in 3 languages.... just like that...had been check with technician at Mac store,says everything ok...try to replace system with disk...
    it appends no matter the work I do,try every day to update as the support pages ask to, but it is getting worst every day...was crashing one every 2 or 3 days in the first days of use...I,m writing fast as I can to send this post to you...have any idea....can't replace the white box...it may be the hard disk...????...????
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    Today, my macbook crashed. i put my osx install disk and restarted the laptop while holding down the "C" button. The osx intaller could not find my hard drive so i believe that it is a hard drive problem. I contacted apple and they said since im not under warranty, i need to pay 320 dollars for a replacement. Would it be cheaper to buy a new one and install it myself? If i do, how can it be done? What kind of hard drive to i need? I also heard that there is a defect with segate hard drives. Please help me!
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    I have a MacBook 13" Core 2 Duo, 160GB HHD, 2GB memory. My hard drive appeared to "crash" a few days ago. Whenever I pressed the power button, I would eventually get a grey screen with a folder with a "?" in front of the folder icon. I decided to re-install OS X thinking this would resolve the issue. During the install process, I would eventually get to the point where I am asked which drive to install OS X. The computer didn't recognize the internal hard drive. I do have an external hard drive for backups and the computer did recognized this one (WD MyBook).

    I have since bought a new internal hard drive (Seagate 200GB 7200RPM 2.5" Mobile with Shock guard), installed it and went through the process of re-installing OS X. Again, the computer doesn't recognize the new internal hard drive. And again, the external hard drive is recognized.

    For the time being I've installed OS X in the external hard drive. But now I have a new internal hard drive but is useless since the computer will not recognize it.

    Anyone installed a new internal hard drive and experience the same thing as I have? Anyone with possible solutions or any advice you can offer?