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HELP Please-

My itunes and safari was removed from my computer and now my iphone does not work at all - is this why? DO I just redownload itunes and safari? My screen on my phone is just my wallpaper and nothing else - HELP!!!

Dell, Windows XP
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    Unrelated issues. You don't need itunes or safari on a computer to use the iPhone, only to sync it.

    Have you tried rebooting the iPhone? Hold the HOME and SLEEP buttons for about 8 seconds, until an Apple logo appears. Don't "slide to turn off", just keep holding.
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    Thank you for your response, I tried that and I still have a screen with just my background wallpaper - no icons or anything. I did try and call my iphone from another phone and that worked, but just the wallpaper of the flower is showing
  • Lawrence Finch Level 8 (35,006 points)
    if you press either the Home or Sleep keys what happens?

    Try putting your finger on the screen ans slide left to right the narrow way. You may have changed pages in the 9 page home screen.

    Also, you say your wallpaper is displayed. On a stock phone the wallpaper only appears when you first wake the phone before you slide to unlock. There are some hacks that display the wallpaper as background for the home screen. If yours is hacked the problem is most likely in something you installed. If that is the case we neither know how to fix it here nore are allowed to discuss it.
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    I am so stupid, I just did what you said again and it worked - Thank you so much! Whew.... that had me nervous.