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hi i have bought a new ipod shuffle 2nd generation 1 gb, 1 week ago, since then i am trying to charge my i pod fully, but the indicator light is not changing from orange to green.i just want to know how much time will it take to charge fully for the first time and do i have to power on or off while charging.

hcl, Windows XP
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    IF it's blinking orange it will NEVER turn green until it's UNmounted (System Tray>safely remove hardware)...if that's not the case you may have

    1. problem with providing adequate power from your USB port(s). Shuffle requires "high-power" (5v, 500mA) to charge.
    2. faulty shuffle

    It generally takes longer than 4 hours to charge a shuffle fully...make sure that your computer doesn't sleep while shuffle is connected. If it's a laptop make sure it's connected to line power.

    BTW, you've posted this in the 1st Gen shuffle discussion.