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Stephen Moye Level 1 Level 1
I heard the disk working a lot on my G1 Titanium G4 Powerbook, so I launched Activity Monitor amd at the top of the list (8% to 50% CPU) was something called Locum (owned by root). What is that? What is it doing?


  • Frank STENGEL Level 4 Level 4
    Have you tried to get information on that process to know what launched it (the parent process)? One way is to double click on the process in the Activity Monitor window...

    [Edit] I just rooted inside the computer and found that it is part of the private framework (i.e. private library) for Desktop Services...
  • Stephen Moye Level 1 Level 1
    Well, now Locum is gone, but replaced with ATSServer running ALL tHE TIME!!! -- and making the computer very sluggish. I just did an archive/install to try to deal with the atsserver problem and now it is back.

    Any suggestions?

  • Daniel Macks Level 4 Level 4
    ATSServer manages fonts. Here is some info that might be useful.