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I love iPhoto but i can't get one thing figured out. I want to delete photos from my SD card within iPhoto. I don't want to have to import things before deleting them. I don't like deleting them as I import because I worry about losing the pictures. So I like to import, back up on CD, and would then (and only then!) like to delete the ones I have imported & backed up from the camera.

I know I can do this manually in Finder but I would prefer to do it in iPhoto because it's easier, plus that way I can see which photos I'm deleting. I'm sure there is a way but it won't let me drag the photos to the trash.

I'm frustrated and I hope someone can help! Thanks in advance.

macbook, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    Welcome to the Apple Discussions.

    No, not that way. You can only delete the pics on import using iPhoto - and you're right, that's not the best way to do things either.

    What I do - and takes a couple of seconds only - is reformat the SD card in my camera. Same result - the card is cleaned off and ready for use. How you do it depends on the what camera you have, but they all have the ability.


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    thank you very much! I'll do that then. Just wondered if there was an easier way but if there isn't then there isn't. Thanks!
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    Aloha, I have found the easiest way to do what you are after is to set up Image Capture (located in your applications folder) to open when a camera/card is connected. You then have the option to view the photos, delete any you don't want and import them to iPhoto, or your desktop. I have a specific folder named downloaded pics which I send them to. You also have the option for Image Capture to erase card when finished importing. It is an extra step, but I have found it very helpful for not wasting space and not importing everything only to have to delete photos later. Hope this helps. JB