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Hey guys,

i had a lacie edmini disk that broke a few days ago. So i opened the box and pulled out the disk and plugged it into a generic usb box. So now i have access to the drive but the partition that i want from the disk is in the xfs format. I havnt had any luck on mounting the drive

So my question for you - Do you know of any software that'll allow me to mount an xfs partition within OSX?

My backup plan must be to run it off a linux live cd but it would be nice to get it out within osx... please let me know! thanks

Mac OS X (10.5.2)
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    Welcome to Apple Discussions!
    MacFuse supports NTFS:


    Whether that helps in the XFS cause I don't know, but perhaps writing their author they might have an answer.

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    Sorry, but I think you're out of luck as regards mounting an XFS volume on Mac OS X. I can find no port of XFS to Mac OS X and no apparently project underway by anyone to do so. Your alternative of using a Linux live CD is, I fear, your only option.
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    You can run Linux on a Mac via several emulation and virtualization options as well as directly. One of those options may offer you the ability to do XFS. Emulation and virtualization options are offered here*:


    Some Unix operating systems available for the Mac are here*:


    If installing Linux on a Mac without emulation or virtualization that doesn't provide its own PC formatted environment, you'll need to format an external hard drive if it can be mounted on the Mac, or format the Mac a different file system (erasing its contents) to install Linux. Contact the Mac on Linux vendor to ask how this can be done.

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