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I have been using the 16GB model of the iPhone for about 2 months now and must confirm a suspicion of mine about the lousy vibrate feature. When a moderate amount of pressure is applied to the phone (e.g. if it is in your pocket and you sit in a chair) the phone begins to wildly toggle back and forth between vibrate and regular mode. +Just to clarify, my phone has been kept in top condition has its own case and never has been dropped+. I was able to confirm that this is a hardware problem and not a software problem by applying pressure to the top area of the phone manually and the same behavior was exhibited. Before I go back to the Apple store and complain about this defect I wanted to ask if anyone else had a similar problem.

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    Never had an issue here. Keep in pocket all the time. I did try your test but got no results...may also be to afraid to push to hard. But hey, if you can replicate it at the store and not have it happen on lets say a display phone...it could just be your phone and I would say that would allow them to easily replace it.

    Only way to tell is to make that store visit.

    I am thinking if anything, there is just an issue with the silent switch whose housing is in the top.

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    I have the same issue, but it happens from time to time. Sometimes it keeps switching between vibration on/off even without applying any pressure. I usually see this behavior when the button is in kind of "sensitive" mode. I also have had issues with the time, somehow it goes some hours ahead, even if the timezone is correctly set and left in automatic.
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    As for the time thing...I had read others saying it for a long time and only recently seen it happen to me once. And my friend said it has happened to him that same day (just ones).

    Note that the iPhone (by default) will get the time from the cell tower (not sure if it keeps going back to check now and then). When I noticed the wrong time, I just went to airplane mode for a second, then back out (to force it to pull for towers again) and the time fixed itself and I never saw it again.

    Not sure if it is an issue with the towers or Apple's software. While it didn't really hurt me in anyway, I can see how it can be a problem for those with important reminders or wake up alarms.