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Up until recently, the only thing there was wrong with my Ipod was the occasionally "100% freeze that only could be solved by draining the Ipod from battery", which it did less than three times a month. Then this sunday, when I was going to work (nightshift) I took the bus as usually, and listened to music on my Ipod for about half an hour.

I hear music and podcasts from my ipod when I work, I connect my ipod to a jackstick and connect it to the radio of the wagon I drive around in. And then it started acting weird. The sound seemed to freeze up, but after 1 min or so, it played a fraction of a second and seemed to freeze up again. So I held down the toggle button and menu button, which did restart it as it should.
I chose the same podcast and it started playing as if nothing were wrong. But then it did the same thing, and on the display where the name etc. of the item I was playing were supposed to slide from one side of the ipod to the other, was moving a bit and then coming to a complete stop, and then it would move a bit again.

So I drained it from battery, and recharged it, when I got home from work. When I woke up I tried to play the same podcast, without listening to it, though, it did play, but the timer moved awkwardly, the seconds moved in a funny way.

Then I tried using the restore function, in Itunes, thinking it would perhaps erase some bad software and installing it all over. But now When I try to synchronize the ipod with my itunes library, it synchronizes a few songs and then the red circle that comes with 'do not disconnect' disappears from the ipod and itunes says "the ipod 'name of ipod' cannot be synced. The required file cannot be found."

After that the picture with the red circle and the'do not disconnect' freezes up, and the only way to turn it back on is to hold down the menu and toggle buttons, as if trying to get the ipod to go into disk mode. Also, Itunes can't see the ipod anymore.

I went to the shop yesterday and said there was something wrong with it prior to my restoring it, but the guy in the shop made it sound like it was my fault for pressing the restore button, and that it would most likely start working if the software on it were updated.

The software on my ipod is up to date, and I've tried removing and reinstalling the newest version og Itunes.

I'm sorry for the wall of text that just hit you headon, but I hope that telling all the details might shed some light on my problem.

I hope someone out there can help me, or refer me to another topic with a solution. I just realized how addicted I am to that little piece of hardware.

Thanks in advance

AMD, Windows Vista
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