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Okay, a few days ago my Iphone froze. Then It turned off and turned back on, and it has had that screen that has the Itunes Symbol and a USB cable (the screen notifying the user that the Iphone has to be connected to itunes). So I connected my Iphone to my computer, and it told me I had to recover or restore my Iphone (which I am 100% okay with, there was nothing too important on it.).....So I clicked "restore"...it began the recovery process, like "extracting software" and stuff, and then it says "wating for Iphone"....and it said "wating for iphone" for 6 hours and didn't stop until I disconnected it.

I didn't get any error message or anything while it was connected. Can someone please tell me how to get it out of this or how to get it to actually recover?

If It can't be fixed, do I have to buy a new Iphone? (I've had this one for about 3 months)

Iphone 8gb (purchased in Febuary, up to date software), Windows XP
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    Worry not,
    You would not have to buy a new iPhone as it is covered under warranty for 1 year and you have had yours for 3 months. I would call 1-800-myiPhone and discuss sending it in for repairs unless you live near a Apple store then make an appointment and head on in

    Hope this helps