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I'm attempting to follow the directions in the Upgrading and Migrating Guide for Leopard. The Mac has two hard drives in it. Batman contains the active server running 10.4.11. Magic is the hard drive that will run 10.5.2.

Since I'm moving from one hard disk to another (as opposed to an entirely different Mac), things ought to be fairly easy. But not for me. ;(

What I'm trying to do: Migrate the mail database. (I have managed to import users and groups; only the mail service will run on this machine.)

Problem: I can't change the owner and group settings on the various files in the var/imap and var/spool/imap folders (for example, so that they are owned by system or _cyrus, with group wheel or mail and everyone set to read only).

The owner and/or group often shows up as unknown (which is to be expected with the migration to a different hard drive). But how can I change these permissions?

Or is there a way to use a command to copy them from one disk to another? I tried ditto, but didn't get the syntax right (the files were copied to the same level as the imap folder rather than within it) and now I have a bunch of files owned by nobody that I can't delete because I can't change the owner.


Mac OS X (10.5.2)