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I think there are many that are getting this error but not reporting the number
I just swapped out my brand new AX for another due to this error but I don't think it has anything due to the AX but is all software (and possibly Bonjour!)

Basically, AX works out of the box and you can connect via Airport Utility however once you exit the first time and try to connect - you can see the AX, you can identify it, but click Manual Setup or Continue and it thinks for a while and then errors with

Error 6722

This is with 5.3.1 of Airport Utility. Firmware 7.3 (can't access to update it)
Windows Vista SP1

This is very frustrating...

I tried various means of resetting but as mentioned, I don't believe this is with the AX... and everything works - Internet, 2 computers connected, music through iTunes...

I do not have a USB printer connected and am suspecting something there is messing up Bonjour and denying connection...


Dell, Windows Vista
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    I believe I may have a possible solution to this and ask anyone having it to please test it out. I think the problem here more or less is how the AX and Airport Utility get IP addresses and they get confused between each other.

    This was tested with Airport Utility 5.3.0 and 5.3.1 as well as firmware 7.3 and 7.3.1

    Currently the issue is that you open Airport Utility (5.3 or 5.3.1) and it picks up the AX (on 7.3 or 7.3.1) - you can identify, you can see the basic information but if you click continue or Manual Configuration, the Utility thinks about it, then bails with error 6722 or I've also seen 6753...

    The wireless/airtunes/Internet connection all work without problem. In my situation the Internet connection comes straight from the wall not a cable modem or phone line though I suspect this may work in all cases...


    1) Open the utility and try to configure. Note the IP address shown (may show which I think is Apple's default config IP?

    2) Unplug the AX cable from the Internet connection and into the computer. The AX will now begin to flash Amber as it has lost the Internet connection. The Airport Utility should also lose the connection and require rescanning.

    3) Rescan until it does pick it up again - may take a few moments (30-45 sec)

    4) Now... config still won't work so don't try, but now pull the AX from the power outlet and back in. It will flash amber and then go steady as it does it start up routine. Continue trying the rescan

    5) Eventually the AX will come back into Airport Utility though it will be Amber. Now try to config - this SHOULD work

    Happily do what you need to do... however note that once you disconnect the Ethernet from the computer and the AX back to the Internet, and gets assigned an IP from your ISP or whatever... thats when the Airport Utility will lose the ability to config until you do the same above - the key being the unplug and plug in without ISP connection - as it does not get another IP to confuse the heck out of it...

    Give it a shot - please post any good or bad news...
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    Forgot to mention... I think the illusion here is that when people have a brand new AX... they install the software, then plug the AX in... as it takes a while to start, and then actually obtain an IP address for the first time, if you establish a connection with the default IP - this is now configured the Utility I think continually tries to use it.

    A reset that dumps everything (if anyone can actually get that to work) would clear this, and if you wait until the AX gets an IP from your ISP and then connect with the Utility (so then the Utility has the more 'permanent' IP the AX will use) - you're probably not going to have problems.

    I took a look at the config.xml that is in the Airport folder but don't see the obvious thing I would risk tweaking (perhaps even deleting it to get a new one?????)

    Up for any Apple Geeks to add some thoughts to
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    I think you're right. Here it works. Thank you for your help.
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    littlevanrenter wrote:
    A reset that dumps everything (if anyone can actually get that to work)

    Just one comment on this - I had some frustrations last night with my Express(n) last night. You CAN repeatably and reliably reset the unit to factory defaults while pressing and holding the reset button, while plugged in and powered on, for about 30 seconds. However, once you do that, you have to give it (and Airport Utility) some time (like a full minute or two) to recognize each other and reconfigure. I did this about three times last night, testing different setups for my mixed n/g/b home network.
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    ha-ha...I figured this one out!!! I am a genius in the likes of Isaac Newton and rest....okay enough of the self-flattery and to the problem at hand....it's an easy fix if you have vista....just open control panel network connections right click on your wireless connection select properties and uncheck the agn filter interface....Load Airport utility again and voila here comes your base station....I have ipv6 and the link options unchecked also...they are an unnecessary overhead...all you really need is one ip version --I stick to v4 because majority of devices out there are still on this version--there is no point in having both checked as this also significantly slows down your internet experience. Feel free to donate to me for solving your problems
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    This does NOT solve the issue... you can't use Airtunes without IPV6 activated... which is a big reason for getting the express to begin with.